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Traveller ~
Keith is a prolific hardcore explorer who roams country to country at any chance he can. Picking up tales of folklore, urban legends and story telling from old villagers and tribes. Although Keith kinda looks at himself as traveller, venturing from one place to the next; experiencing life and cultural and some of the most indigenous people from some of the most remote places on the planet, is just some of the things he does. Keith is currently in the middle of writing a new book, as well as his autobiography which he ambitiously aims to have published for 2020.  

Book Author ~

While Keith is also a very experienced urban and rural explorer, he is also the author of his own autobiography and new book called: ' Perceptional Mind In Turmoil '. Keith plans to have his new book published in 2020. In this book; Keith describes a young boy named Heath who grew up gifted with bounteous talents of every kind. A child who could put his hands to anything and achieve greatness. Talents which he would put to work throughout his life and achieve ambitious goals which would change and ruin him, bringing him great wealth at a cost to his happiness, his pride, and almost claiming his life; all at the same time.


Heath; the boy turned man who slipped through the cracks of life at the age of twenty, unable to find out who he was or what his purpose was. Even after achieving great success, he became depressed and bound himself to what seemed like an endless cycle of self-hate and persecution. Subdued by his own loathsome behaviour, he further turned to alcoholism, drug abuse, self-harm, eventually and inevitably; multiple suicide attempts. A desperate fight with the sub-conscious demons of his mind, whom are determined to keep him confined in a set of chains; friendless, and excluded from society for eternity. As Heath struggles to regain control of his own mind, a recently made friend sets-forth a plan to try and help Heath see who he really is, and sets him on a path to try beat depression and find himself once again. A battle which would be hard-fought! This book is inspired by creative writer Ned Vizzini

Adventurous Explorer ~

Part of being adventurous requires self-confidence and courage to face your fears head-on. It would be hard to believe that Keith is a parkour roof-topper regardless of being afraid of heights. Sometimes, when you want that perfect shot or experience, you need to go up on a height and leave your comfort zone behind. This is all part of the thrill of being adventurous and pushing yourself to bigger and bolder things in your life, and learning to inspire yourself with the belief that in life; their are no limits, but the limits you limit yourself to, by choice. Keith travels far and wide, and has ambitions and goals to climb Everest, Kilimanjaro, and many others. People don't realize how short life is. We are here today, gone tomorrow. Go out and see the world, and stop worrying about irrelevant things in your life. 

Photography & Film Making ~

Two of Keith's biggest hobbies are travelling and urban exploration, but comes with those hobbies is an art which Keith thrives on true passion for. Photography is something Keith got into as an armature, a means to document his trips. What he didn't anticipate was that he had a natural talent to perfect the art of photography, and sharply learned to perfect it as part of his profession. Keith started out as a landscape photographer in early 2000, using a Fujifilm Finepix S, and today he acquires a variety of quality DSLR cameras including Nikon, Canon, Fujifilm EXR, and a few other brands.... Keith says a picture is for life, and there is nothing quite as awesome as capturing a moment in time. Is there? Keith has a Gallery where you can view some of the pictures he has taken from various locations.

Some five years after dabbling with DSLR's Keith began film making, and learning how to use after effects and a range of other high-end movie making software. While looking for a safe place to upload videos from places he has explored or documented, he began using Vidme and Youtube and has since grown very popular because of the awesome quality videos he produces from some of the most remote places in the world.



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